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Customized Group Travel Programs

Creating a customized Group Travel does not have to be a hassle.

World Joint Travel offers customize Travel Plans that will fit your demand, from Start to Finish. 

This page will brief you how our program could benefit your organization with your future trip!

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Services we offer



Group Fare

We offer Special Contracted Airfares which cannot be seen online, or even Carrier's own website. This will help you to save thousands when it comes to booking 10 or more passengers at once.

Room with Private Pool

Contracted Hotel Rates

Accommodation is arguably the most expensive item to book, when it comes to Group Travel. Saving just a few percent could make a huge difference, as the savings would accumulate to multiple reservations (rooms). We have one of the most exclusive contracts with Major Hotels in Japan, which will help you to save even more.


Private Charter Bus

Group Travel is not about just how to get there. It is more about how to get around. We offer a Top-tier Bus Charter Service, that would only accommodate your Group to your desired locations. Pick-up times, Routes and Drop-off times are all adjustable. Our Charter Bus service is Nation-wide, everywhere in Japan.


Bullet Train Reservations


Japan has one of the most advanced train system in the world. Traveling approximately at 300 km/h, this is the best way to make your way from city to another. Millions of travelers have tried, have you?


English Speaking Guide

To have a clear understanding of Tourist Attractions that you are visiting, Tour Guide plays an important role. World Joint Travel's Tour Guides have rich knowledge and experience, which will help your trip so much more meaningful. 

Our Tour Guides are all Bi-lingual, both fluent in Japanese and English.



Emergency Assistance

Flight Delays, increment weather and other personal matter could lead to delays or cancellation of your trip. Trip cancellations could cause a big Financial risks. Our 24-Hour Reservation Center will help you lower the risk as much as possible by providing you the best available solutions. 

10 Step Trip Planning

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Group Coordinator (Client side) creates a brief plan. For example, where to go, when to travel, what the trip will try to accomplish and etc.


World Joint Travel will provide a preliminary plan with approximate pricing. Depending on the contract, we may ask its clients to make a one-time deposit to hold the reservation.


Group Coordinator will propose the trip plan (dates, destinations and prices) to the Organization.


The organization will evaluate the proposal and perform a full risk assessment. The proposal will be approved upon the review, any adjustments needed will be mentioned on this phase.


Once approved, the Coordinator can promote the Trip-Program to members of the Organization. Upon receiving applications from the participants, each traveler's deposit payment may be required.


Upon the Traveler's Registration has completed, the Coordinator will alert World Joint Travel to confirm the number of passengers, desired destinations, pricing and other preferences. Deposits are due during the finalization of the reservation.


World Joint Travel will start to book Flights, Accommodations, Ground Transportation, Travel Assistant and related services. A finalized quote for the finished reservation will be presented to the Coordinator.


The Coordinator will collect payments from each Travelers and make the final payment to World Joint Travel.

We accept payments over Wire Transfers.


The Coordinator may be required to officially notify the Organization about the finalized agenda and related costs. Upon request, World Joint Travel will directly report to the Organization to keep them informed.


Final Payment received from Step-8 should be clear by this phase, and we will mail you comprehensive documentations in regards to your reservation. At this stage, there will not be any other requirements needed, your group will be ready to go.

Industry Service


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Group Travel Program

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Request Group Travel Quote

Please contact us about your upcoming Group Travel using the form below. One of our agents will get back to you as soon as possible. 

On your Message, please tell us brief details about your group, such as Expected number of travelers, where you would like to visit and what type of services would you be in need. 

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