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B2B Exclusive Programs

Not all Agents specialize in Asian Destinations.

We do understand your priorities are different. 

This is why we offer programs exclusively for your Business. From flight reservations to entire packages, our B2B Exclusives will be the most efficient way to satisfy your clients

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Learn about IACE TRAVEL's

trusted service since 1970

*IACE TRAVEL is our Sister Company, located in the US

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The Start

Chatered Flights to fly home


We started our first business in New York, where no carriers offered scheduled flights to Japan. We witnessed a high demand but no supply in Japan routes, therefore began our first operation to Charter a flight and have Japanese Clients to safely visit their home. 



Network Utilization

As the Travel Industry saw the high demand in Asian Destinations, more Carriers began to establish scheduled service to Japan and Asia. Utilizing our previous experience with Charter Flights, we were able to be involved deeply in the industry by making private contracts with Carriers, Hotels and Ground Transportation service providers. 

As a result, our prices became massively competitive and we were able to offer our clients to experience Asia at a much lower cost.


The Growth

Becoming the Industry Leader

With our strong network, IACE TRAVEL has become one of the Industry Leaders. The company achieved the most number of Flight Segments sold to Japan and still holds its position consistently over the past years. As Japan became more popular destinations recently, our competitiveness has grown significantly, making us one of the most trusted company to provide Travel Solutions.


Reliably Stable

Expansion across the globe

As we saw a consistent demand over Asia Destinations, our business stabilized over the years. To provide an Easier and Faster service, the company started to expand its office networks around the world, such as:


United States: 18 Locations

Affiliated Networks

Japan: 43 Locations

Asia: 2 Locations

Canada and Mexico: 4 Locations

Our Services with Competitive Pricing



Contracted Airfare

We have contracts with most carriers that host flights to Japan / Asia. Private fares are applicable for both FIT or Group Clients.



Hotel / Ryokan Rates

From Business Hotel to Japanese Ryokan, we have your accommodation covered. Ask us to could find a perfect location for you.

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Public Transportation is very well-designed in Japan, but nothing beats the convenience and flexibility of Private Transportation. 


Bullet Train (AKA Shinkansen) is one of the most advanced rail systems in the world. Hundreds and thousands of travelers have tried them already. Have you?

Bullet Train &

Japan Rail Pass


Compass & Map

Our Bi-lingual Assistants could be your Tour Guide, Luggage Assistant or General Coordinator through out your trip. Either way, you are in good hands.





Our 24-Hour Reservation Center will assist you no matter which timezone you are in by providing you the best available solutions if you face any difficulties.




How our Service can help your thriving Business


Your Specialty is Europe


Your Client wants Japan


No idea where to start


WJT plans, You sell


Inquire us by Email

Tell us briefly about your Clients' upcoming trip. It will be helpful for us if you could state what type of service that you are looking for.


First Proposal from us

Our Agent will draw up a plan based on your travel dates, destinations, number of travelers and your budget.


Approval from you

If you approve on the plan, then we will give you a comprehensive quote.



Confirm and finalize your reservation if no further adjustments are necessary.


Payments to World Joint Travel

Make payment to World Joint Travel by Credit Card or Wire Transfer.


Ready to Go!

Final Confirmation and Thorough itineraries will be sent to you. You are all Set!

Contact us about your Clients!

Please contact us about your clients' upcoming trip using the form below.

One of our agents will get back to you as soon as possible. 

On your Message, please tell us brief details about your client, such as Expected number of travelers, where they would like to visit and what type of services they would need.

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