Traditional Kyoto Tour

Traditional Kyoto Tour


Explore many of Kyoto's world heritage sites in a single bus tour !


Program Schedule


VIP Villa Namba



Kyoto VIP Lounge


10:10 (50 min)


Ryoan-ji is a Buddhist temple, home to the best example of Japanese rock garden. It is said to be the fist Zen temple of Japan.


11:20 (40 min)

Nijo Castle

Nijo Castle is the main UNESCO World Heritage site of Kyoto.


12:10 (65 min)

Lunch in a traditional Machi-ya House

You will have the chance to have lunch in a typical Machiya, one of the few remaining houses of merchants who populated the area around the castle. Take your time to enjoy byour meal in this historical building.


13:40 (90 min)

Kiyomizu-dera Temple

Kiyomizu-dera Temple is one of Kyoto's most visited sites. The temple's terrace is part of its main hall, and it hosts several elements related to the traditional Noh and Kabuki theaters.


15:30 (40 min)

Sanjusangen-do Temple

This temple is famous for the 1001 representations of the Buddhist deity One-Thousand-armed Kannon. The temple takes its name from thq 33 pillars holding the structure.


16:20 (60 min)

Gion Geisha District

Hanakikoji is one of the streets of Gion, where traditional tea houses take place. Let's try spotting Geisha walking along this path !



Dropp-off : Kyoto VIP Lounge



Drop-off : VIP Villa Namba


・Departure every Monday and Friday.


Program Includes

English-speaking guide and transportation

Lunch included

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