The Scenic Spot of Mt. Fuji

The Scenic Spot of Mt. Fuji


visit the most popular landscapes around Mt. Fuji area.



Program Schedule

Ueno JR Station Park Exit


Shinjuku VIP Lounge


10:30 (70 min)

Arakurayama Sengen Park, Chuureito Pagoda

Make the first stops at one of Japan's most iconic spots : Mt. Nikura Asama Park. Admire the picture-perfect view of the 5 symbolic pagodas with Mt. Fuji in the backyard.


11:55 (120 min)

Lunch around Lake Kawaguchiko

* at Kawaguchiko Craft Park

You can see the famed reflection of Mt. Fuji when the surface of the lake is calm and still. Lake Kawaguchiko also offeres a variety of colors that changes with sceneries.


14:05 (30 min)

Oishi Park

Oishi Park offers seasonal scenery with various types of flowers.


15:00 (50 min)

Iyashi no Sato Traditional Village

Saiko Irashi no Sato Nenba is located on the banks of Lake Sako. Take a stroll through the village and marvel at the houses with thatched roofs which will give you a glimpse into life in Japan in the old days.



Drop-off : Near Shinjuku Station

(*Even for customers who departed from Ueno)



・Departure Everyday

・Lunch Excluded


Program Includes

English-speaking guide and transportation

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