Mt. Fuji area: Fruit Picking, Ice Cave, Fuji Sengen Shrine

Mt. Fuji area: Fruit Picking, Ice Cave, Fuji Sengen Shrine


Join this bus tour enjoy various activities

around the Mt. Fuji area all in a single tour !



Program Schedule

Shinjuku VIP Lounge


11:00 (60 min)

Misakanoen Grape House

Mt. Fuji's northern half is located in Yamanashi prefecture, which has the reputation of having Japan's purest fruits growing in its soil. For the first stop, enjoy all you can eat and seasonal fruit picking !

*Cherries in June

*Peaches in July

*Grapes from August - November

*Strawberries from December - May


12:40 (30 min)

Kitaguchi Hongu Fujiyoshida Sengen Jinja Shrine

Fujiyoshida Sengen Shrine, a shinto shrine located inside a forest. In the past, this shrine was used as a starting point for climbing Mt. Fuji from the north.


13:30 (90 min)

Lunch around Lake Kawaguchiko and Japanese Figurine Painting Activity

At the restaurant, why not order Hoto noodles, the local dish from Yamanashi prefecture ?

After lunch, try your hand at painting yoyur own figurine of a character coming from traditional or modern Japanese culture that you can bring back home as a souvenir !


15:30 (60 min)

Narusawa Ice Cave and Wind Cave

The last stop is Narusawa Ice Cav, a nationally designated Natural Monument. It is a 153m long lava cave with an air hole in a vertical circular cave, enjoying its various expressions.



Drop-off : Near Shinjuku Station



・Departure every Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday 


Program Includes

English-speaking guide and transportation

Lunch, painting activity, fruit picking and Narusawa ice cave admission included

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