Kyoto and Nara

Kyoto and Nara


A fun-filled day tour around

the former capital cities of Japan : Koto and Nara


Program Schedule


VIP Villa Namba



Kyoto VIP Lounge


09:40 (40 min)

Kinkaku-ji Temple

Kinkaku-ji, the Golden Pavillion, in the symbol of Kyoto: the official name of the temple is Rokuon-ji, but its golden look gave it the current name.


10:50 (120 min)


Arashiyama, characterized by the famous Tsuki Bridge and its bamboo groove, is famous not only for cherry bloosoms and autumn foliage, but also for its summer and winter landscapes.

The area is plenty with restaurants, with vegetarian and halal options.


13:40 (80 min)

Fushimi Inari Taisha

This shrine is oftern referred to as the shrine of one thousand tori gates, but these vermillion red structures are actually about ten thousand ! At the moment the number of gates between our world and the divine and it is the head shrine of more than thirty thousand Inari Shrines across Japan.


15:50 (80 min)

Nara Park

Todai-ji Temple, in Nara Park, is home to the World Herritage Great Buddha of Nara, built on Emperor Shomu's will. The park is famous for its deer populationg the area of the temple.



Dropp-off : Kyoto VIP Lounge



Drop-off : VIP Villa Namba


・Lunch Excluded

・Departure Everyday.


Program Includes

English-speaking guide and transportation

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