Kyoto 1 Day Tour

Kyoto 1 Day Tour


Tour Schedule:

07:45 – 08:35
Hotels in Kyoto City
Pick-up service available.


All transportation on this tour is by bus.


Nijo Castle (50 min)
A UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tour the historical castle completed in 1626,

which was built to provide lodging for Tokugawa Shogun and as a palladium for Kyoto Imperial Palace.
Remarks: Nijo Castle is closed on Tuesdays

(or Wednesday if Tuesday is a national holiday) in January, July, August,

and December and over the New Year’s holidays.

On these days, the tour will visit Ryoan-ji Temple.


Kinkaku-ji Temple (45 min)
Visit this World Heritage Site, also known as the Golden Pavilion.

The wooden architecture is covered in thin layers of pure gold and is surrounded by a beautiful lake.


Kyoto Imperial Palace

(except Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and specific days) (40 min)
Entry of international visitors generally require application in advance,

but participants of this tour can enter only by going through a brief procedure.
Remarks: On Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays, Kyoto Imperial Palace is closed.

On these days, the tour will visit Kitano Tenmangu Shrine instead.

The same is true of the period before and after the public viewing of

Kyoto Imperial Palace in spring and autumn, May 14 – 17 due to the Aoi Festival,

year-end New Year’s holidays, and whenever there is an Imperial Household event.


Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

(Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and specific days) (40 min)
This shrine’s main hall is a designated national treasure and is famous for housing the God of scholarship.

The shrine is especially great to see during the plum blossom and autumn leaf seasons.
Remarks: On Jan. 25, Apr. 25, Jul. 25 and Oct. 25, Nishi Hongan-ji Temple

will be visited instead of Kitano Tenmangu Shrine.


Japanese-style lunch (50 min)


Heian Jingu Shrine (25 min)
Don’t miss the characteristic red architecture of this beautiful shrine built

to celebrate the 1101 year anniversary of the founding of the city of Kyoto.
Remarks: This tour will not enter Heian Jingu Shrine’s Shin-en garden.
During the Jidai Festival on October 22, Heian Jingu Shrine is closed to the public

and will be replaced in the itinerary by Chishaku-in Temple.

If the Jidai Festival is postponed, the itinerary change will still be implemented

on the postponed festival date.


Sanjusangen-do Temple (30 min)
Visit the world’s longest wooden structure,

housing 1,001 life-size statues of Buddhist Kannon deities dating back to the 13th century.


Kiyomizu-dera Temple (70 min)
The view of Kyoto from the World Heritage Site of Kiyomizu-dera is superb.

The historic shopping lane that leads to the temple adds to a wonderful experience.


17:30 – 18:30
Hotels in Kyoto City
From Kiyomizu-dera Temple to each hotel
Remarks: During the Gion Festival (July 14 – 16),

drop-off service to Karasuma Kyoto Hotel, Hotel Nikko Princess Kyoto,

and Hotel Monterey Kyoto will be unavailable due to traffic restrictions.


Program Includes

English-speaking guide, Lunch, Other admission fees and transportation costs included in the tour

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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